International Network 

What is the Peace international Network?

The PEACE International Network (PIN) is a global network under the leadership of Apostle Michael L. Favors. Our desire is to provide resources that will help you, your ministry and or business grow and fulfill its purpose and destiny. Take advantage of the strategies and empowerment opportunities today!

You will receive:

  • Spiritual Leadership and Business Guidance

  • Strategies and Activations

  • Deliverance and Miracles

  • Fraternal and Paternal Relationships

  • Personal and Ministerial Transformational Techniques 

and much much more!

Peace International Network functions on two levels of relationship:

PIN Network Community and PIN Network Coverage


This level of The Network is open to any Ministry or Business Leader that is interested in a fraternal relationship with the Peace International Network. 

As a COMMUNITY member, you will receive: 

  • Basic tools and resources that will assist in the development of you, your church, ministry or business. 

  • Guidance with Vision and Mission Implementation.

  • Limited Access to information about our events, tools and resources.

  • Impactful testimonies of others that have benefited from the PIN Community.

  • The steps towards building a deeper relationship that is found in being part of PIN Coverage.

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This level of Network is exclusively for those who meet certain requirements and have the desire to have a deeper relationship with PIN and wishes to be covered and fathered spiritually.

As a Coverage Member (Son or Daughter), you will have access to:

  • Ministerial and personal support for you, your ministry, family and business.

  • All the privileges of being part of the COMMUNITY.

  • Exclusive videos and meetings with Apostle Michael L. Favors.

  • Special programs and live trainings.

  • VIP treatment at our events.

  • Exclusive leadership summits twice a year with Apostle Favors and the ACOB.

Application Process

Step one: 

Complete and submit the PEACE Membership introductory Application 

(For Introductory application click the link below)

Click here for Introductory Application 

Step two: 

Submit a one time application fee of $125.00 *with the introductory application


Step three:

Receive and complete the Official Informational Application

Step four: 

Receive Acceptance letter from Membership Committee 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Coverage/Network


Our Network is a Friendly association of like minded people who share the same ministry interest, business Goals and visions. We at PIN believe in unity and the Power of one body serving one God. Thus we foster and promote relationships that seek to promulgate the Gospel while walking under the authority of one apostolic house!

If I join the network for covering will my church or business be overtaken? 

PIN understands the need for spiritual covering and the need for affiliation, however neither constitutes or warrants control over another's work, thus all coverage pastors or leaders and their works are considered autonomous.


Can I join as an Individual?


If you are a Pastor, or if you have a ministry, or if you are a Leader in Marketplace America you are welcomed and encouraged to apply for coverage in PEACE International Network.


What fees are required as a member of PEACE International Network? 


1. The one time non-refundable application fee which is required at the submission of the actual application. 


2. The Annual reports which are made once a year, (these reports are discussed in detail between the applicant and the financial committee) for the maintenance and operations of the National Office.