Welcome to the PMFN Prophetic Prayer Team


Here at PMFN we believe in the power of Prayer as well as the authority of the prophetic. Thus Prophetic Intercession involves the ability to hear the voice of the Spirit while in prayer and know what His direction is in that moment; therefore, when we step into the realm of intercessory prayer, we believe it to also be prophetic.  Therefore we have established a team of prophets and Intercessors whose primary function is to pray and intercede on our fellowships' behalf. Our team does the following:  


1. We do a monthly corporate prayer call every first Sunday @9pm est

2. We email monthly praying points

3. We receive and pray over all prayer requests.

All prayer requests can be sent to ea4pmf@gmail.com

If you have any questions please call our office at 770-810-5628

Thanks in advance for your prayers

Bishop Shanda Rash